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Q1 What is the difference between Calcium ions in electrolyzed water and calcium in medicine?

Although the same is calcium, but the nature is completely different. Medical calcium carbonate and calcium lactate ….. and so on, due to the acid, the absorption effect is poor, and need a lot of taking on the chest and stomach will have uncomfortable feeling, it is difficult to import, and there will be Deposition of the phenomenon, because of its acidic state of stability, so it will bring the above obstacles, and electrolytic ion water “calcium”, no acid, no stability, so easy to absorb, and can neutralize the body of acidic toxins Increase the oxygen dissolved in which, coupled with the high conductivity of electricity in the human body to play a more superior absorption effect.

Q3 What is the difference between water and RO reverse osmosis water?

Electrolysis of water is the use of the principle of electrolysis (that is, the role of redox) will be neutral water neutral and acidic, alkaline water contains smaller water molecules, higher concentrations of ionic minerals, containing negative potential reduction potential , Can eliminate the body’s reactive oxygen species, and physical acidification to promote metabolism.
Acid water part of the water containing acid ions (sulfur, chlorine and other acid) with disinfection sterilization, cleaning the practical function. Reverse osmosis is the use of high concentrations to the principle of low concentration of infiltration, the impurities in the water which contains sediment, minerals, bacteria, etc., filtered out of water close to pure water is weak acid water is more likely to cause cardiovascular disease! For the elderly and children do not recommend regular drinking.

Q5 What is strong acid water?

This is the use of ordinary tap water, add a small amount of salt (salt), the electrolysis generated by the water. The addition of salt, mainly in the promotion of electrolysis speed generated by the water, pH value of 2.5 and redox potential of + 1100mV or more, can effectively eliminate bacteria, most of the bacteria can be effectively removed within ten seconds.
Suitable for cleaning wounds, sterilizers or general sterilization purposes.

Q7 What is the use of reduced water ® for drinking?

Reduced water ® can also be used for cooking, tea, coffee or bartending, can increase the taste, more delicious.

Q9 Reduced water ® is alkaline Long term drinking can cause gastric juice to be diluted?

The pH is calculated as the concentration of hydrogen ions. PH difference of one, hydrogen ion concentration difference of ten times.

PH high → low hydrogen ion concentration (alkaline)
pH low → high hydrogen ion concentration (acid)

Q11 Reduced water ® can be used to take western medicine?

Generally use the Reduced Water ® to take the medicine there will be two possibilities:
1. Western medicine is mainly acidic chemical substances, it is not appropriate to use alkaline water medicine, because of alkaline and easy to neutralize acidic medicine, the reduction potential is also easy Change the chemical structure of the drug, so it will reduce the efficacy
2. Reduced water ® water molecules than the general water is small, there is a strong decomposition and penetration, so with the reduction of water to take Western medicine, may lead to accelerated drugs Of the dissolution of the drug to increase the strength and shorten the efficacy, such as; the original effect is 8 hours, may lead to shorten the duration of 4 hours, likely to cause physical discomfort. So the water is not used to take medicine.Medication or rinse use water!

Q13 What should I do when I start drinking water?

In general, the use of electrolytic reduction water should be gradual, and the pH should be set to be low (pH 8.0 or pH 8.5). Approximately one week after the habit can start drinking pH 9.0, as far as possible out of the water to restore the water immediately.

Children and the elderly are also required to drink in the same way, and the baby (from birth to 1 week), because most of the intake is breast milk and milk, and the function of the intestine and adults are not the same, it is not recommended to drink water? And adults like to eat the same time, there is no problem. However, Reduced Water® must not be used as a baby or infant formula.

Q15 strong acid water in addition to prevention and treatment of skin symptoms, there are other functions?

Such as periodontal disease, tooth inflammation, etc. also has a great effect, as long as the brushing after the use of strong acid water mouthwash, you can eliminate bacteria, and no residual dirt, keep healthy teeth. In addition, cleaning food, chopsticks, pots have the effect of disinfection and sterilization, for the protection of health has a great help.

Q17 Will tooth or gingival inflammation, available acidic water?

Yes, science has proven its effect on the effectiveness of oral care.

Q19 What is the difference between washing fruit and vegetables with acidic water and reducing water?

Reduced water has a positive effect on the front, that is, to improve the delicious food; acidic water has the form of function, can enhance the color of the items.

Q22 why drink ORP negative -250mV water?

“light just satisfied with the professor” by the “intestinal bacteria,” recorded in the various parts of the digestive tract oxidation potential values ​​are as follows:
stomach is +150 mV, duodenum, jejunum is -50 mV, Ileum is -150 mV, cecum is -200 mV, and rectum is -250 mV.
From the data above, it is seen that the redox potential begins to decrease from the +150 mV in the stomach and eventually becomes -250 mV in the rectum. This fact tells us that if the water with a higher potency is drilled for a while Time, by the intestinal microbial complex redox reaction process and the value gradually decreased, reached the large intestine when the value has dropped to “-250mV”, this time was absorbed by the body.
So the lower potential of drinking water (-250 mV), the body does not need to drop the potential and then sent to the large intestine absorption, and in the upper digestive tract, that is, mouth, esophagus, stomach stage can be quickly absorbed from the mucosa, The old waste will be discharged.

Second, the intestinal bacteria to increase the number of bacteria to reduce:
intestinal bacteria have two: First, to help digestive bacteria, such as lactic acid bacteria,

Bifu Yizi → basophilic -250mV environment three, protein spaghetti → acidity + 400mv The environment
when the intake of excessive sweets, meat, protein and other easily lead to indigestion, and when the intestinal protein by the decomposition of bacteria, causing gastrointestinal abnormal fermentation, resulting in acidic substances, the intestinal environment into a strong acid, and create a harmful human Corrupt toxins stick in the intestinal wall wrinkles, so the intestinal wall of long-term absorption of toxins, the blood will be polluted into acidic oxygen cycle of the body, a variety of chronic diseases followed, only long-term consumption containing the reduction potential (-250 mV) Alkaline water, so that the intestinal environment to form alkaline, and “help digestion bacteria” to increase the decomposition of corrupt toxins to normalize the bowel, restore the original blood weak alkalinity, the body to restore health.

Q24 Drinking Electrolytic Reduced Water? Is it effective for constipation?

On the effectiveness of health care, because the country has not yet recognized but science has confirmed its medical effect.  Will soon be added to the academic research website and information. But in general, more water and fiber are added to help defecation.

Q2 electrolyzed water after heating or placed after a period of time a, the reduction potential will change? B, will the pH change? C, the size of water molecules will change?

Electrolytic alkaline water is the most important characteristic
(1) is alkaline
(2) is a small molecule group of water
(3) with antioxidant potential.
In the process of placing or heating, the reduction potential of the reduction of oxidation due to the reduction of its negative potential will be rapidly decreasing, usually placed 6 hours after the potential will be exhausted, once boiled, the reduction potential is converted to oxidation potential, but Alkaline and small molecule water properties will not change.

Q4 drink red water is not there will be a dazzle reaction?

Due to personal differences; some of the initial drinking alkaline electrolysis of water may occur in some of the phenomenon, after drinking a short time will feel some micro-response, this is not the side effects after eating, but a better phenomenon, Chinese medicine called “close Dizziness reaction ”
found the reasons for the dazzled:
1. Reduced water ® has a strong dissolution and penetration , the body of toxins, waste, foreign body, excreted from the excrement, so there is diuretic function, fecal water, or by Perspiration system drained.
2. Reduce the water to produce effective “calcium ions”, so that the past is not normal or has stopped functioning of the internal organs slowly back to normal, people feel uncomfortable. For example: the stomach will have a sense of abdominal pain, but the stomach began to move so that the stool and thus produce abdominal pain or diarrhea, and some because of the body of toxins move, and the occurrence of pain or rash increased, mild swelling of the hands and feet and so on.
The main symptoms are as follows:
Symptoms: dry throat, frequent urine, easy to sleep during the day, often fart
symptoms: the head will have a heavy feeling, dizziness, the phenomenon will last about one to two weeks
Symptoms: chest will be boring, fever The feeling of the
body can not eat something like : ulcers will be pain or depressed feeling
Symptoms: stomach slightly discomfort, want to vomiting
symptoms: want to vomit, the skin will be a little itching or rash
symptoms: sometimes defecation will have bloodshot or blood clots
Symptoms: There will be protein reduction, facial edema, the foot will also have a slight swelling
symptoms Symptoms: urine sugar increased, the phenomenon of swelling of the hands and feet
symptoms: defecation will have bleeding
symptoms: the initial will be slightly increased, soon disappear
symptoms: There are dry mouth, dizziness and sputum is not easy to cough like
symptoms: early skin itching increased, but up to three to seven days will tend to ease the
symptoms: will feel dry mouth, more dreams, stomach discomfort
symptoms: the affected area will be mild sore
gout and Monthly wind: there will be a general sense of weakness or soreness, but will continue to disappear after two to four days
※ Supplementary Note: Blind reaction is usually in the first two weeks to disappear, and the strong period only Two to five days, of course, not everyone has this phenomenon, but because of individual physical differences, but in any case will not cause deterioration of the disease.
The reaction is strong, showing that their health is not good, and not too panic, this reaction sometimes does not happen immediately, must go through a period of time will be generated, and then gradually improve, usually takes two to three weeks.

Q6 What is the benefit of reducing the potential of the body to the body?

(1) can eliminate the body’s pathogenic factors —- free radicals
(2) can inhibit the abnormal fermentation of the stomach to enhance the positive role of microbial groups
(3) antioxidant to prevent cell aging
(4) to remove the body of chemicals and acid

Q8 Restore water? Where is it?

After the electrolysis of the reduction of water ® at least three different from the general characteristics of water:
1. It contains richer alkaline dissolved minerals such as: calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium and other beneficial ions, and remove acid chloride, sulfuric acid, nitric acid Harmful ions.
2. The composition of the water molecules of the Reduced Water® is reduced from a generally average of 13 to six, which makes water molecules more accessible to and out of the cell.
3. Redox potential from +500 mv to -250mv ~ -450mv, contribute to the elimination of excess “free radicals”.

Q10 Reduced Water® Can I take general health food or traditional Chinese medicine?

Need to restore water ® can not be used to take Western medicine, but for the general natural health food or traditional Chinese medicine there is no such doubts, because the water reduction of the water group of small particles can release the Chinese medicine and accelerate the absorption of natural health food.
So it is possible to take healthy food or traditional Chinese medicine with reduced water.

Q12 Reduced Water ® How to improve blood sugar symptoms?

Reduced water ® active hydrogen neutralizes free radicals, preventing free radicals from destroying shellfish cells, so it can effectively improve blood sugar symptoms.

Q14 their filter core can be completely removed in the water impurities, bacteria, heavy metals and chlorine?

Yes, our filter core is through the Japan Food Analysis Association and the Institute of Water Research Institute of 46 rigorous testing, it can be safe to use.

Q16 Strons acid water amazing effect

strong acid water can be Instantly Kill bacteria which dissolved Chloride can also shorten the sterilization time to strengthen its amazing effect

Q18 Can I use water to reduce water?

Watering or grass please use acid water; trees please use the reduction of water ®, part of the plant characteristics should be adjusted.

Q20 What is active hydrogen?

The active hydrogen (H) is not hydrogen ion (H +) or hydrogen (H2), and the active hydrogen is “atomic hydrogen” rather than molecular hydrogen or hydrogen ions.
Active hydrogen is an antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals (OH) with water (H2O).

Q21 Why does the electrolyzed water become acid or alkaline, what substances in the water determine the acidity and alkalinity of the water?

Electrolysis of water is a separation membrane as a medium, in the water to impose a DC voltage, because the water of calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium and other minerals gathered to the cathode, hydroxide ions (OH-) increased alkaline water; Sulfuric acid, sulfur and other lead to the anode, increase the hydrogen ions (H +) and the formation of acidic water, that is, the use of electrical decomposition principle of water (H2O → OH- + H +).
Alkaline acidity
Because the pH value of the water produced by the cathode after the electrolysis is high, and the minerals such as calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium are more, it becomes alkaline water suitable for drinking, and the pH value of the water produced by the anode is low, And contains sulfuric acid and other acidic elements, was used as beauty, disinfection with acidic water.

Q23 general tap water contains minerals, why the water after electrolysis, the minerals will increase it?

Water in tap water is a combination of minerals (including positive ions and negative ions), electrolysis will be positive and negative ions were separated from the ionization, usually calcium, magnesium-based alkaline substances will increase, there will be a slight reduction in acid , In ± 20PPM are normal.

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