25 Feb

Which water ionizer is best?

I suggest you read this entire page as well as my water ionizer reviews page, and then make up your mind as to which water ionizer is best for you. I’ve tested and studied most of the water ionizers myself, and my reviews and data are based on first-hand observation and testing. Decide which water ionizer features are most important to you, then use the above chart to make your comparisons and final decision. The Alkaline Water Plus water ionizer comparison chart will help you compare the important water ionizer features at a glance, and is more accurate and detailed than any other review site you will find.

To see the actual testing [videos] referred to in the chart, go to my blog or YouTube channel. You can search my blog either through the search boxes or blog tags to narrow down which articles you want to read.

If you have any questions about the water ionizer comparison chart or need assistance in any way with your water ionizer purchase or questions, you are always welcome to email us or call my expert staff directly at MY-ALKALINE [+86 757 855 36266]. You can request that we email you direct links to help you narrow-down your research if you want.

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